Here are a bunch of blogs those I learnt and I liked.


  • Black Bauhinia:
    This is the Capture-the-Flag team I founded with some Hongkongers on 2019. Contains a number of writeups on various CTF games.

  • Cocousin = Usin:
    Cousin is a crypto guy in Black Bauhinia who is researching for his master of philosophy, and who can do math much better than I do. Apart from CTF writeups he also had some educational blog post on the math behind the crypto.

  • Blog by grhkm21:
    Gareth is a young member of Black Bauhinia (10-ish years younger than me). I thought he is good at crypto but he is definitely more than that.

  • Ja5on’s blog:
    Jason is a member of Black Bauhinia. Being a red teamer, there will be red team tips apart from CTF writeups.

  • CryptoHack Blog:
    Apart from the awesome learning-by-doing style platform, CryptoHack has a blog talking about cryptographic challenges, and security incidents. One of which is the CryptoHackers recovering a partially redacted RSA private key.

  • Holocircuit’s blog:
    The writeup of “Unofficial” (a challenge from 35C3 CTF) is really well-written. This is the first blog post I learnt on constructing lattices.

  • kylebot’s blog:
    Although I don’t know binary exploitation at all, I found kylebot’s blog very interesting to read. I was motivated to start my blog shortly after he published his first blog post.

  • RBTree.insert():
    RBTree is one of the few CTF players who has a fanclub. There are a bunch of writeups on hard crypto challenges.

  • rkm0959’s blog:
    @rkm0959 is a crypto CTF player. He writes on security regarding the zoomer’s crypto recently, too.