De1CTF 2020 Writeup

I was teamed up with @shellphish this time for De1CTF. During the game, I have solved 5 (out of 7) cryptography challenges individually, and a reverse challenge and a misc challenge in cooperation with DuSu and fs0c.

I said that I’ll commit the solution scripts to my Github after I have managed to prettify them. It never happened. I will not make the same promise again.

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De1CTF 2019 Writeup

It has been a very long time that I’ve compiled a writeup. This time I have played on my own as @blackb6a. Let me write on some particular interesting ideas that I have learnt in the challenges. Bear with me if you find this writeup too math-intensive.

The solution scripts will be committed to my Github repository sooner or later, after I’ve managed to prettify them.

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