TetCTF 2024: adapt

Creating fake proofs on cosmos/iavl@v0.19.7.
TetCTF comes back with their great crypto challenges. I played with @blackb6a and we ended up securing the 🥉 third place. In this blog post, I will walk through adapt, a challenge which required us to make fake proofs in an IAVL tree implementation. There are only three solves during the contest period.
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TetCTF 2021: unevaluated

TetCTF is the first CTF I have played in 2021. I recalled from last year that they have cool challenges. This year, there are three crypto challenges. In particular, unevaluated is the hardest among them. Although I did not solve them, I dug into rabbit holes and had a lot of struggle, uh, fun.
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